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Ira Zoot … Artist/Illustrator/Product designer of,,®,, has always made it a point to be on the “bleeding edge” of progress whether it was being one of the first Photographers/Designers in Chicago using Photoshop, putting digital art to fabric or seeing the development potential for domains back in 95.


I've always believed that you have to go after your dreams and take some chances to stay in as well as get ahead in the game. "Winning" is great but learning from all the stumbles along the way can be invaluable. This was something I learned long ago and wish more people could understand. Too many people give up rather than learn from the challenges we have in all paths of our life.


When I was a commercial Artist and Product Designer ... I worked on national campaigns and packaging for McDonald's, Jim Beam, GM, Marshall Field's (now Macy's) and American Girl.  I designed lines of toys and soft goods working with licensed artwork from Disney, Sony, Marvel, Universal, Pixar ect. The products I worked on were distributed nationally and very well received. In addition, I've owned and run for the last 12 years. Growing it to one of the largest ticket affiliate sites out there and currently looking at avenues to grow it further.


Now with and I’m using my artwork/surface design I’m getting back to my artistic “roots”. I’ve been enjoying and working hard on developing collections of original artwork for a variety of uses. Including fine art, clothing, commercial, consumer, contract, hospitality and residential products as well as licensing my artwork to be used by other companies. We will also be offering custom designed artwork on assignment. You can see examples of this artwork at and and you can find the Facebook page at


I’ve also been a internet property developer since 1995 and I have a number of other projects lined up for the premium domain properties I've obtained. The one obstacle I keep running into is trying to make myself remember that there is only so much time in the day.


Examples of some developed and soon to be developed sites:,®,,,,,,,,,, and more.


Ira said, "I'm very excited about bringing my artwork to the marketplace with & ... I'm planning to bring on other artists and designers in time. and are going to be THE destinations for unique & exciting surface design!"


In the image below you'll be able to read about Ira Zoot ...'s creator being among the first digital artists to put their artwork to fabric for clothing and a variety of other applications.

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Bio Products Coming Soon Contact Home  Illustration Digital Watercolors